Rigging Projects

Our company name says it all PROFESSIONAL RIGGING, its what we do. We have more than 38 years Rigging experience, 15 Permanent Rigging Crews and additional Project and Shutdown crews.

We specialize in moving of all machines, construction erections, maintenance, long term projects. Our Rigging Teams consist of a Competent Rigger and 2 Assistance. We also supply Rigging Studies, Method Statements and Rigging Equipment to ensure that projects are done in a timely, cost efficient and safely manner.




Projects: Windmill Project Port Elizabeth

Client: Deurgo

Duration: 2013/2014


Wind turbines are erected in areas that have the right conditions to harness prevailing winds. The winds move the large blades of the wind turbines and hereby the process of converting the kinetic energy of this movement into mechanical energy begins. The generator within the wind turbine then converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy that is transmitted to the electrical grid.

Rigging was done at Port Elizabeth and on Jeffrey’s Bay where the Windmills was erected.  4  Riggers was assigned to the Project together with a Fitter and a Total of 16 Assistants.  Rigging Studies and Safe Operating Procedures was compiled for this Project as per the Clients Requirements.


Projects: Khi Solar I Upington

Client: Sarens SA

Duration: 2013/2014

Introduction: The power tower system uses large, sun-tracking mirrors (heliostats) to focus sunlight on a receiver at the top of a tower. Water is pumped up to the tower mounted receiver and is converted to steam, which, in turn, is used in a conventional turbine generator to produce electricity.


Projects: Total Shutdown (Sasolburg Operations) Client: Sasol Duration: March 2016 Introduction:

93 Rigging Crews mobilized for Shutdown Requirements over 8 different areas.  Rigging Activities included:

  • Bundle Changes
  • Removal and re-installation of cartridges with tandem lifting,
  • Removal of PSA Vessels
  • Removal of Reactor Baskets,
  • Use of SPMT to Transport Vessels 112 Ton
  • Turbine Motors

Projects: Sandton Convention Centre – Soccer World Cup Opening

Client: Johnsons Crane Hire

Duration: 2010

Introduction: Erecting of Stage for Soccer World Cup Official Opening for Officials and International Delegates. 2 days : 48 hours Non Stop Rigging